Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Science Roadshow

Today on the 25th of May 2017 Rm6, Rm7 and Rm8 from Glen Innes School had a fantastic time at the Science Roadshow which took place at Baradene College.It was fun way to learn about science at Baradene College.  It was fun to see awesome things in the hall .They showed us thing that we could make and play with like how to make elephant toothpaste and how Physical changes never changes  but Chemical can.They then told us that there were different types of science that we could try behind some students . The students were telling us what we could do and find out how to do it . There was one were you hold a heat teller and it tells you what the degrees are in the three little houses . There was one were you have to rub your hands together and put your hands under a bowl and the water in it will and it will splash.This one was cool because you have to pull up and drop a bowling ball and a pingpong ball will go flying out and fall through a pipe . It was fun at the Baradene College . We all hope we could go back 


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