Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cybersmart Personal Profile

Today Rm6 was learning about Personal Profile it's about what you do online . For example if you put all of your details online like where you live, bank account, home address, phone number and your family details and thats not cool. This is what I wrote about my self  :

My name is Mahaleah and I’m from New Zealand . I have a dog named Zion and he is a charpain. He likes to play with his bowling ball a lot and  likes to fight over with his toys and also play with his imaginary friends  .My sport that I play is Rugby , Soccer and Basketball.  My favorite sports team is All Blacks .My favorite band are  House of shem .Third my favorite food are  Wendy's,  Burger King and KFC  .My subjects at school are writing and reading . For my goals I must be on task and listen to the teacher more often .

This is all you need to write about you can use your first name just not your last name because you don't want a creepy man stalking you. Remember that you have to be at a older age  to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And don't use all of your details thats kind dumb. Think before you do. 


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