Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quia Author's Purpose ( Battleship game )

Today in class I did a game ( battleship), it's about where you have to plant your position in the blue box and it will check if you have missed or you have sunken  your enemy's ship.It was hard for me because I wasn't even hitting my enemies ship.I lost two times which is boring.Here is a link to the game.HOPE YOU ENJOY


ambience said...

Kia Ora mahaleah i liked the way you explained how you did it and how you felt. It was boring if you lost more then two times. do you think that if me and you versed who do you think that you will win.

Indira Forsyth Togiafofoa said...

Kia Ora, Mahaleah I really enjoyed how you shared your game with the world on your blog. I also did a task like this, I hope you won, If I versed you I think I would have a good chance of winning.

Champion @ Glen Innes School said...

kia ora Mahaleah I'm really in press of your wonderful
work. WELL Done

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