Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Omaru River

  1. The colour of the water was green and brownish it was very unhealthy  and wasn’t very clear  .Room 11 and Room 6 weren’t very impressed with the colour of the water and what people have been doing to our streams.Because of the colour we know that’s it polluted.

  1.  At Omaru there was water boatman, worms, even an eel, and a dragonfly. Did you know when these   insects are around streams that means it’s a sign that the stream is polluted and not healthy.It was a sign that is was polluted because there was no sensitive insectes around the stream.

  1. There was rubbish in the stream not much though. There was even clothes in the stream as well. It was sad to see rubbish, clothes and algae in the stream. Some of the students were very disappointed of what they saw. Having rubbish, clothes in the stream affects fish and insects because it kills them.

  1. There was a lot of algae in the stream. When we first walked down to the stream we could see a lot of algae. It’s good to have algae but not to much because it kills fish and insects . We could smell the stream as well. It would be a dream come true to have New Zealand streams to be healthy again and fresh.


Mikaela said...
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Mikaela said...

Hi Mahaleah,
I really like how you ended your last paragraph because of how you said it would be a dream come true to have New Zealand streams to be healthy again. I would like to visit the Omaru River one day and see if I would relate with what you said. I think the paragraphs would be better if you explained and described what algae was for others who did not know and edited your paragraphs before posting. Mikaela

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