Sunday, 19 February 2017

Last Lesson with Coaches

Today was our last day with the swimming coaches even though it was there last day with us we still had an amazing time  .  We had a lot of fun with the coaches ,we also played fun games in the pool.The taught us how to do backstroke,breaststroke and freestyle. 
I enjoy doing freestyle and breaststroke in my own time because I like to swim alone .


Riiana said...

Hello there Mahalea! I am Riiana, one of your blogging buddies for the Quad Blogging Program.

I like swimming by myself too because my brother tries to hop on my back and make me swim with him! Another reason is because at school, my best friend and I are normally the last people to go but there will still be people swimming! That gets annoying!

Mahaleah @ Glen Innes School said...

Yes i'm the same as well my brother tries to jump on my back and tells me to swim and my older brother he likes to tackle people in the water .He will come out of no where and tackle you .Thxs for reading my story Riiana

Mahaleah @ Glen Innes School said...
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